Strip Discs 4.5 Inch Pack Of 5

Strip Discs 4.5 Inch Pack Of 5

Product Review (submitted on June 24, 2010):

I'm using these disks to strip paint and a kight coat of Bondo off my 73 Challenger, down to the bare metal.

These disks work great and are really gentle on the metal. They leave very fine scratches on the metal surface, but nothing that is really deep.

I've also been using After Blast to clean the surfaces and prevent flash rusting, and the minor scratches disappear.

If you are doing quite a large area, you'll need quite a few of them, as they do wear down somewhat quickly.

Use the backing disk #31073 for use with a 4.5 inch angle grinder. Max RPM is 10,000. My DeWalt is 11,000, so I bought a Metabo from Amazon which is 10,000 RPM.