Eastwood After Blast - Metal Prep

Eastwood After Blast - Metal Prep

Product Review (submitted on June 24, 2010):

I bought After Blast as it was advertised to clean and stop flash rusting after media blasting, grinding and stripping. I was stripping my 73 Challenger and was having problems with flash rust, especially in the high humidity Houston area.

To my surprise, this product cleaned the metal extremely well. Alll the rust, even in small scratches, was removed. I've been using a cleaning disk to remove paint and Bondo, and the swirls in the metal left by the disks seem to be removed by After Blast. The metal actually LOOKS really clean, too!

I was a little concerned that one jug of After Blast wasn't going to be enough for my entire car, but I was pleasantly surprised at how far just a little went. I can now use that extra bottle I bought to clean small parts before refinishing as well!

Overall, exceeded my expectations and I actually glad I bought this product, and I think you will be too!