Rust Encapsulator Black 15 oz.aerosol

Rust Encapsulator Black 15 oz.aerosol

Product Review (submitted on July 15, 2010):

I have used this quite a bit on suspension parts etc. on my restoration. Coverage was good and the fact it was aerosol is a major bonus compared to other products.

The major drawback I found was the product can still be washed off with solvents like lacquer thinner. I have even found that some lubes/oils can make the finish sticky after it has dried suggesting the finish is being re-dissolved.

I suspected this might happen given the aerosol contents were the typical thinners etc. and it was confirmed after I had sprayed my steering box. The paint had dried and cured for well over a week when I decided I probably should clean and replace the grease in the steering box. While cleaning the grease out with solvents I noticed the Rust Encapsulator coating was coming off the outside of the steering box where the solvent was draining.

I plan on using the product in areas where I am sure no solvents (gas/oil etc.) will come into contact with it. In those areas on my suspension where I did use it, I have top coated with another product in an effort to isolate the Rust Encapsulator from the inevitable grease and oil that will get on the suspension from ball joints etc.