Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool

    Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool

    Product Review (submitted on July 20, 2010):

    So, I've never done any flaring before, but remember my Dad trying to use one of the handheld jobs years ago. Didn't want to go through that hassle again, so opted for the Eastwood tool. It was a bit more money than than the expensive manual units, but seemed a whole lot easier, and looked to be more idiot-proof (which comes in handy for me.)

    Received it the other day, and had to waIt a couple of days to try it as the line I ordered was trailing the tool. Gave me a chance to check out how the tool was made, and how it's supposed to work.

    When the tubing arrived, I cut off a 1' piece as a test piece, and had at it. Aside from a bit of indecision as to when the tool stroke was completed, it was dead-nuts easy to form a perfect flare in about a minute. Doing the other end of the test piece yielded another perfect flare in about 20 seconds. Then I cut off one of the flares, installed a fitting, and formed a third perfect flare in another 15 seconds. Then I bent up the test piece to use as a bench bleed rig for the trailer brake actuator.

    Very impressed with the quality of build, and the ease of use. Almost makes me want to replace the brake lines more often than necessary.