Eastwood Internal Frame Coating w/Spray Nozzle

Eastwood Internal Frame Coating w/Spray Nozzle

Product Review (submitted on July 23, 2010):

I ordered and used 2 cans for painting the inside of my heater channels and other nooks and crannies.

First of all, I read some customer reviews on other websites where there were problems with the spray nozzle popping off. . . this problem has been resolved by re-engineering the extension tube. It now comes attached to its own spray button, not pushed into the button like WD-40. No problems with this whatsoever.

I used one can to paint inside of my heater tubes, front and back sections of the heater channels, front firewall and napoleon hat. I used a second can painting inside of the heater channels, around the heater tubes and giving the inside of the heater tubes a second coat, as well as the front and rear sections of heater channel.

This stuff goes on with the consistency of water, but leaves a nice, full coating.

I am ordering 2 more cans to get down inside of the front door hinge sections down to the heater channels.