Eastwood Internal Frame Coating w/Spray Nozzle

Eastwood Internal Frame Coating w/Spray Nozzle

Product Review (submitted on August 9, 2010):

I had been trying to dream up something like this to paint the inside of my frame, until I stumbled upon this product. Thank you Eastwood, it came out just as I was nearing the frame painting stage of my project (frame on the car).

Pros- Makes a fairly easy job of getting the rust encapsulator in those hard to reach areas.

Cons- (minor quibbles, really)
-I had some trouble with the brass fitting that pushes into the can’s nozzle. By holding the clear hose just behind the brass fitting, you can prevent it from pushing into the hose, rather than into the spray can nozzle. Sounds like that has been fixed.

-I wish it came in black so I would not have to go back and spray the areas visible from the holes in the frame. I suppose I could just repeat the treatment with black paint, but one step would be nice for such a messy project (this is frame on the car, so I am on my back spraying the frame above me).

As you pull or push the spray nozzle inside the frame, it helps to use a jerking/jiggling motion to help the nozzle flop around, which spreads the spray around.