Extreme Chassis Black® High Gloss 14 oz. Aero

Extreme Chassis Black® High Gloss 14 oz. Aero

Product Review (submitted on August 22, 2010):

I'm restoring an old motorcycle, and did a lot of research about what kind of paint to use for painting the frame and all of the other parts that would use the same paint. I wanted something that would look good and last for many years. I had read all of the various positive and negative results from people using powder coating, and I also wanted to keep my restoration costs within reason. I ended up choosing Eastwood's Extreme Chassis Black and primer because they were reasonably priced, and supposedly long-lasting and durable.

I first used Eastwood's Dekote to strip the original paint from the frame and parts, and then used Eastwood's Oxysolve that dissolves the rust and leaves behind a very paintable oxide finish. Both are great products. I believe their newer product is called Rust Dissolver.

For the primer and paint, I used spray cans because I didn't want to have to deal with the messy nuisance of cleaning a spray gun. After wiping down the frame, I sprayed two light to medium coats of primer, waiting 24 hours between coats. I then sprayed two medium coats of the Extreme Chassis Black Gloss Paint, again waiting 24 hours between each coat. The results are very impressive. Needless to say, I'm glad I did my research. I made sure the first coat of paint went on light to medium, and the second coat medium to heavy, leaving an even wet coat appearance, but being very careful not to lay it on too heavy in fear of running or sagging.

My only complaint is the spray nozzle. PAM no-stick cooking spray uses a much better spray nozzle design, and I have to wonder why automotive paints don't use this same type.

I gave this product a 4 for quality only because of the spray nozzle.

Would I use this product again? You bet!