Eastwood 3 Airbrushes and Compressor kit

Eastwood 3 Airbrushes and Compressor kit

Product Review (submitted on August 26, 2009):

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about quality with this low of a price, but I found myself pleasantly surprised with the quality of the brushes and the compressor!

The compressor itself is a fairly small unit, and very quiet. I was spraying late at night and didn't hear the familiar screech of my bride when I make too much noise and wake her up, so that in itself is a plus in anyones' book.

The airbrushes are good, solid pieces that adjust well to a fine point. They are built as well, if not better than ones I bought in the past, and clean relatively fast, allowing me to move on to other projects quicker.

My wife had also said that the lady who sprays her talons (nails) had just bought an airbrush setup and had paid $100 more for a louder compressor, and a (1) brush that looked pretty chintzy.

Needless to say, I am pleased. Thanks Eastwood!