Hotcoat Powder Reflective Chrome 8 oz

Hotcoat Powder Reflective Chrome 8 oz

Product Review (submitted on September 15, 2010):

Ok, lets get one thing straight! This product looks exactly like chrome when it comes out of the oven to the point that I actually smiled when I first seen it.

The problem is you have to clear coat this chrome for the second stage and the clear coat kills all reflectivity to the point where it looks exactly like the possum holler chrome you buy in the can from wal-mart... It still looks good but by no means can you call it chrome! Polished aluminum maybe!

This is after using the recommended low heat super gloss clear coat (part# 10329) at 250° and if your thinking about using a spray on clear coat don't... Your part will turn out dark gray with next to no luster (Looks good too)

The problem with not clear coating this chrome is you cannot polish it, clean it or leave it in direct sun light for more then a day because it will tarnish into a cloudy haze of you just ripped off a customer.