Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool

Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool

Product Review (submitted on August 26, 2009):

I received this flaring tool a couple of weeks ago and am very impressed with how it works.

Over the years I have used many different brands of double flaring tools. Some I've had more success with than others but none of them would work with 3/8" or larger tubing. All of them were the standard type with the two bars with serrated holes and a separate die and flaring device. Some wouldn't work at all others worked with small tube but not the larger stuff.

Recently I decided to install a electric Fuel Pump in my car and needed to replace all of the fuel line to do it. 3/8" was the smallest tubing I could even consider so that's what I used. The U.S. made flaring tool I had just kept pushing to tube out of the clamping device without flaring it and thus ruining the tube.

After trying everything I could for several days I finally decided to look at the flaring tools I saw in the Eastwood catalog. I settled on this model because quite frankly it was the cheapest model of the high end flaring tools. I was pretty sure that for over $200 it would work better than the $40 units I had been using.

After using it for a few weeks I can say it is money well spent. The tool is easy to use but more importantly does exactly what is intended to do. And it works perfect every time. Also, it is very obvious once you get the tool that it is made to last a lifetime. So at $200 plus it may seem a bit extreme for the casual user but considering it will last forever it seems well worth it to me.

There are really only two issues I have with the tool. First is that because the clamps are relatively long you cannot flare very near a bend. In other words if you have a bend just after a fitting you are going to have to flare it and then bend it. This really is a necessity though because if the clamps were shorter the tube would likely push through like the cheap sets I have. Also, I would like to see Eastwood offer another die set (the sets are made to be easily removed) as an option to give you more flaring choices like 37* AN flares.

Other than that this is like any other high quality tool you buy. Not cheap but in the long run a great value because you will have it forever (if you don't lend it to a friend and never see it again) and it does what you need it to do the first time every time.

Robert Loose