Eastwood '68-'69 GM Rallye Green Metallic 96 oz. Kit

Eastwood '68-'69 GM Rallye Green Metallic 96 oz. Kit

Product Review (submitted on October 20, 2010):

Sprayed my Miata with this paint and did not have high hopes for it. Was my first serious project and to my surprise it came out quite well.

I think it took bit too long to dry, was tacky for quite a while so be careful. Sorry dont have a figure, its been a while.

Metallic is only visible with certain lighting. Check out my photo-bucket to see better shots. Feel free to comment.

My personal advice which you may already know; make sure you have well lit booth/garage. I had a lot of runs/undersprayes because i could not see well and amount of paint was either too little or too much.