Original Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun

Original Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun

Product Review (submitted on February 2, 2011):

After using several guns, including Chicago Elec, this unit seems to be the best of the low end guns. Over the last 4 years I am on my third and last gun.

BE VERY CAREFUL!!!! Do not drop this gun as it will break just in front of where the air gun inserts into the tube!!! This happened to two of my guns... tried to glue, epoxy and even taped (which seemed to work for a bit).

When I questioned about the ease breaking, I was told, "be more careful" by the counter person. Not a problem... I have not purchased anything but powder in two years because of it...

With that said... the unit performs great. I have used it more often then my Wagner for small items and batches... Super easy to clean and use... though I would prefer a foot switch instead of the hand button... Great price, just "be more careful" and don't drop it.