Eastwood 100-lb. Pressure Abrasive Blaster

Eastwood 100-lb. Pressure Abrasive Blaster

Product Review (submitted on February 28, 2011):

Great product for the price. This is my first try at sand blasting, and with my own equipment because of the size of my project...cleaning up an older trailer from years of rust and layers of paint. The blaster works great, but does need some TLC to keep it running optimally.

My only disappointment is that it did not come with brass fittings to readily connect to an air hose, but fortunately I had enough fittings and adapters in my toolbox to make something.

The directions for use are a little out of date, and not in sync with the direction of the valves, but nothing common sense can't quickly figure out. Assembly went easily, but I added lock washers to the 4 nuts on the handles so they would not come loose.

After using about 2 bags of sand, I got my first clog, that began repeating about every 10 minutes of use. I quickly discovered moisture at the bottom of the tank, and was able to blow it clean by removing the hose and blowing air through the open valve. I am now researching dryers and making sure that my air flow is as dry as possible before relying on the built in moisture separator.

I've also noticed that after only 3.5 50 pound bags of triple zero sand, the nozzle tip is fairly worn, and the dead mans valve to stop the flow has developed a decent notch in it. This just shows the effectiveness of the sand, and the need to protect your skin from the flow.

Overall, this is a great product and once I get the air running to it completely dry, I expect to have no issues beyond wearable parts.