Eastwood 100-lb. Pressure Abrasive Blaster

Eastwood 100-lb. Pressure Abrasive Blaster

Product Review (submitted on April 22, 2011):

This is the ubiquitous Chinese blaster, but painted blue with an Eastwood decal.

Works well for the price, but all the hardware is very low quality. Expect to replace nozzles often.

The media control valve tends to be the clog point. Keep your media dry and pay attention to the 80 grit limit. Make sure the length of hose between the compressor and blaster is 25' to allow water vapor to condense so the water trap can filter it.

The hood that comes with this is unusable as the shape prevents the lense from staying in field of vision. You will need to buy another hood that works. Pick up some blasting gloves while you're at it.