Eastwood Internal Frame Coating w/Spray Nozzle

    Eastwood Internal Frame Coating w/Spray Nozzle

    Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2011):

    I normally sandblast & powder coat all my rusty parts, but what do you do when the car body & frame are rusty them selves?

    I bought 2 cans of the internal frame coating. This stuff works great! This stuff goes a long way, it covered way more than I thought 2 cans would. Used them in my 99 Infiniti G20 which is a huge rust bucket. Sprayed down tons of the unibody frame rails up front, along the sides ect. With the extension nozzle I did not have to disassemble the car what so ever, I was able to snake it in different holes.

    This stuff is messy (as it should be with any good product). Wear rubber gloves , long sleeves or painters tyvek overalls & safety glassed. This will make a mess on your garage floor as it drips out of the different passages of the frame. I was able to clean out the nozzle & tube with a can of brake cleaner, I did not have any prep solvent or pre around.

    Over all a good deal for the price of 19.99 but could be a little cheaper for maximum value, or come in one of the large cans like chassis Kleen.