Original Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun

Original Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun

Product Review (submitted on May 7, 2011):

I bought the kit with all the goodies and gave powder coating a whirl.

The whole process is really amazing and the end result gives a professional results for the DIY-er.

Out of the box the darn thing leaked from the cap. I followed the instructions and viewed Eastwood videos several times to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Called tech support and was told to send it back.

Forward three weeks later, the second Hotcoat gun leaks from the cap too! Though not as bad as gun #1, I cannot use this as my primary gun. It is now delegated for clear and candy coats.

When I sent #1 back, I purchased the dual voltage Hotcoat gun and it does not leak. It works great.

My only other gripe would be the flimsy grounding clip on both Hotcoat units.

My recommendation is to skip this gun entirely and go for the dual voltage gun. It's work the few extra dollars.