Eastwood Internal Frame Coating w/Spray Nozzle

Eastwood Internal Frame Coating w/Spray Nozzle

Product Review (submitted on July 14, 2011):

I ordered this spray on monday it arrived on wednesday, fast shipping indeed.

I used this spray to coat inside my 98 ranger's rocker panels and boxed forward frame areas. I ordered two cans and managed to get two completely saturated coats on both the rockers and frame. The nozzle worked great for me, no failures and the spray pattern was very good.

The only thing to note is that you may want to either tape off the areas your coating or have some paint thinner on hand because this stuff is sticky. It will get everywhere if there is a breeze.

Can't speak for it's rustproofing yet but it does get into every nook and cranny, and I'm sure it will hold up just fine. Highly recommend.