Engine Porting Kit

Engine Porting Kit

Product Review (submitted on July 31, 2011):

I ported 2 heads and modified a eaton supercharger with this kit. I did purchase a single long reach carbide burr. Because the carbide burr did most of the work I only used 2 cones and 1 barrel out of this kit.

If you have not done this before use this kit and it will take longer but will not allow you to have an oops as quickly as the carbide burr will.

This is my first time doing this and I ported my first exhaust port with the drum and cone. It came out very nice. After that I was more comfortable with the air grinder and switched to the carbide burr, with the final touches done with the cone and drum from this kit.

My recomendation is to buy this kit and one carbide burr. You may or may not need the long mandrels but they are definately nice to have. I used both and my carbide burr was a long reach. With this combination I am sure you will have some cones and rolls left over for other projects.