Eastwood TIG Welder 200 Amp AC/DC

    Eastwood TIG Welder 200 Amp AC/DC

    Product Review (submitted on November 3, 2011):

    I just received my Tig 200. I have not used a tig since welding trade school 30 years ago. Then they were huge machines. One suggestion and one question. First, the gas connection on the back of the machine is mounted at the absolute lowest point on the machine. I set the machine on a welding cart and the fitting was resting on the lip of the cart. If you re-design the machine please raise this fitting.

    Question. The two feed cables for the foot peddle are strewn all over the place. Can I tape these together or will it cause some resistance of some kind. I would like to neaten these up if it doesn't cause an issue. I looked for an email address for Matt the engineer. I wanted to ask him this question. I couldn't find an email address.

    I also noticed the clamps at the plugs on these cables don't actually touch the wiring. Over the long haul the wires may pull out.

    Otherwise, I tried it out on both AC/DC and it worked nicely on my practice pieces. Hot enough to burn through 1/4" plate if your not paying attension. I'm very satified. I waited a long time to buy a tig.