Eastwood Thermo-Coustic Sound Deadener Material

Eastwood Thermo-Coustic Sound Deadener Material

Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2011):

PLease let me start this by saying I selected the above 5 Star rating on "Price" over the Dynamat.

For the "Value" and "Quality", I selected "1 star" because I have not used your product (yet) AND there are no other "Options" upon which I might select!

I've bought (Dynamat) two packages of 36SQ FT at $229.00 PER PACKAGE for my Sunbeam Alpine. I've placed it in as many as possible places available.

It cuts nicely with a sharp knife and forms well!


Only fault i have is like a previous "Rater" on "your" Eastwood product is that the product is "FOLDED" and causes very bad wrinkles!

Take his suggestion and cut the product into smaller pieces "before" packaging for shipment.

I believe the smaller pieces will be more suited for the customer. It certainly will be for me!

I realize too, that changing production methods might be a problem but if they are "modern" and under a comptuer for control it would be a simple "coding" by some Programer to resolve this minor yet troublesome aspect of your product.

Be the first to correct this "over your competiors!!!

I intend to purchase some of your "Stuff" for my Hardtop soon in order to complete this restoration project.

I have several others cars awaiting restoration and look forward to "saving" money by utilizing your Thermo-Coustic Sound Deadner....

Thanks for allowing me to "sound-Off",