Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp

Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp

Product Review (submitted on March 13, 2012):

I did a LOT of research before I bought this welder. I looked in to all the other brands, read all the reviews, and asked around. I found that this was about the best deal anywhere.

I'm not a very experienced welder, but I found this machine to be super easy to set up and use. I just got it last week, and played first with some .35 flux core wire. I welded some sheet steel (22 ga), and got pretty good at it. I also did some thicker stuff, up to 1/4". The setting chart on the welder makes it easy to find initial settings. Having the infinite adjustments on both the wire feed and the voltage is nice, unlike other welders on the market you can fine tune the settings to just where you want them.

I went out and bought a tank of shielding gas today- and I'm absolutely amazed at how well this welder performs! I did a quick patch panel on a junk fender, and got excellent results- And no blow through even on the thin sheet metal I was using. I can't believe that I was able to do this well the first time I tried!

I did some thicker material as well, and found that it handles that beautifully as well. I can't wait to get started on some real projects!