TIG200 and Versa Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Kit

TIG200 and Versa Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Kit

Product Review (submitted on April 14, 2012):

This is my first TIG welder and Plasma cutter that I have ever used. I wanted to get into TIG welding so I read some reviews on these machines and for the money I bought both machines.

I have only used the plasma cutter twice and it slices through aluminum (as that is all I have cut thus far) like a hot knife through butter.

After watching some basic YouTube videos on the basics of TIG welding (the instruction manual doesnt really give any how to on TIG welding for folks that have never done it), I found welding steel VERY easy and the welds are very clean as compared to MIG flux core welding (not sure about MIG welding with gas) and the control is so much higher with the MIG.

I would recommend this product to the weekend warrior DIYer like myself.