Eastwood Rust Dissolver Gallon

Eastwood Rust Dissolver Gallon

Product Review (submitted on May 17, 2012):

I've used a few gallons of this stuff. No matter how I rinse or clean the part after removing it from the chemical, it flash rusts. In just a few minutes.

I left a few bolts and nuts in the chemical for quite a while and it ate them to the point that I cannot use them anymore. The nut actually turned into a hollow shell that I can break apart with my hand. I have some body mount shells that I am doing now and it looks like it is eating them apart too. Its not that the rust is ate away and I am seeing the damage from the rust. This is new damage that wasn't present.

This stuff will eat the finish off of anything, including tools. I used a pair of channel locks to remove some parts from the chemical and it ate the finish of the channel locks and they have completely rusted away. I can't open them anymore. A brand new pair. I was using them because the chemical will dry out and make my hands itch.

I tested a zinc plated bolt just a few minutes ago. It ate the zinc off of the bolt instantly.

This stuff eats the rust off and works great just make sure you only put parts in this stuff for a short period of time (just enough to remove the rust) and be sure to get some paint on the parts before they flash rust.