2K Ceramic Chassis Black Satin Quart

2K Ceramic Chassis Black Satin Quart

Product Review (submitted on May 31, 2012):

This is just the paint, it does not include the activator!!!

Not sure why they sell it without the activator since you can't spray it without the activator.

The kit with the primer is a little misleading too. It includes two mixed quarts of primer but only one quart of chassis black.

So I ended up running out of top coat before I was done. This was the first item I saw when I went to order hoping I could get the paint delivered before the top coating window closed on the primer.

But without the activator the paint is useless, now I have to re-order for more money and by the time it arrives my primer coat window will be closed, which means I have to scuff and re-clean everything before I can spray more paint.

Should be some sort of large disclaimer on this item warning that it does not include the activator!! That's a different listing!