Eastwood 3 Inch Pistol Grip  Mini Air Sander

Eastwood 3 Inch Pistol Grip Mini Air Sander

Product Review (submitted on July 25, 2012):

Purchased this polisher with out high exprectations but have been totally suprised. Like many foreign made tools I buy the first thing I did when I received it was to take it apart and clean the metal shavings left over from manufacturing. Then I put a little grease on the gears and reassembled. It works awesome for polishing. It has also exceeded my expectations for how long this $20 tool would last. I have used this tool at work polishing airplane parts. I literally have easily used this tool for at least 4 to 5 hundred hours of operation with no problems. Just make sure you put a few drops of oil in it every couple of hours. I highly recommend this polisher as not the best tool out there but one that is good enough for this professional.