HVLP Paint Gun - Eastwood Evolution

HVLP Paint Gun - Eastwood Evolution

Product Review (submitted on August 7, 2012):

When I first used this gun I was getting trash in the paint to find it still had manufacturing material inside the gun. Had to a total disassembly to clean. This should have been a clue as to what was to follow.

First pass with Dupont ChromaClear produced large craters in the paint. WTF! I had paint reps involved and they were stumped as well. We though it was some time of contamination so I replaced everything but the compressor (filters, hoses, dissicant, etc) with no luck. Even bought new paint. Only thing left was the gun so tried various setting and found that as the paint vol increased so did the size of the craters. If I turned it down very low they disappeared. Further inspection found that all the air ports on the bottom part of the nozzle are partially covered ... manuf defect. I suspect this is causing the gun to intermittently blast large drops of paint on the surface causing the craters. I could have purchased a $400 paint gun with what this one has cost me in wasted paint. My trash Harbor Freight gun does a better job.

I'm surprised Eastwood would put their name on something with such poor quality but as the saying goes "You get what you pay for".

To add insult to injury, can't get a Eastwood Tech to call me back. I've been an Eastwood customer for a long time but those days are over.

**** Eastwood Tech Team Response: ****

First, I apologize for the trouble you have gone through and want you to know we are doing everything possible to keep this from happening again.

We immediately checked our inventory and attempted to reproduce the issue without success. We did however uncover an issue which most likely contributed to your problems. Silicon mold release agent was not properly cleaned from some of the guns prior to shipping. This was observed on the outside of some of the guns and in internal passages after destructive testing was performed.

Our manufacturing team has put in place corrective actions and we are confident that this should not happen in the future.


The Eastwood Company Tech Team