Eastwood 1/2 HP Buff Motor

    Eastwood 1/2 HP Buff Motor

    Product Review (submitted on August 16, 2012):

    I restore antique fans and telephones. I had been using a Delta bench grinder that I converted into a polisher. It worked okay, but there wasn't enough clearance between the wheels and the motor. The HP was a little weak also (1/5 hp).

    I researched for awhile on the different buffers out there and finally settled on the 1/2 HP Eastwood Brand.
    First, I liked that they had a video showing the product and the site has a lot of information on buffing correctly.
    The 6" buffing kit was a real $$ saver also.

    The first thing I polished with the machine was a brass blade from an old GE fan. I had done one before with the delta and it had come out pretty good.
    I used the recommended wheels and compounds and the blades came out INCREDIBLE!!
    The machine had more than enough power and the job was amazing. The clearance between the wheels and the motor was more than enough.
    All brass pieces of the fan came out like a mirror.

    Extremely happy with the buffer. I also like the Eastwood company. I had to call their customer service about something and they handled my order very courteously.
    I will definitely do business with them again.