TLC Colorgard Stainless Kit w/ polish 4oz

TLC Colorgard Stainless Kit w/ polish 4oz

Product Review (submitted on October 7, 2012):

Tried this kit on my VW headers and it failed miserably. I sanded my TriMil headers and then cleaned them VERY well with PRE (metal prep $9), hung them on my rolling paint trolley, bought a new airbrush kit from Hobby Lobby ($95), and after reading the TLC directions about five times, laid out my stuff to get started. First thing that went wrong was the inner cap (pressed in under the screw-off cap) that blew "stainless" paint all over me, my bench, and my airbrush kit... they must send it pressurized.

Called Eastwood and they immediately sent me a new kit! Wow, what service! Anyway, I sprayed the first coat (directions say you only need one), but one doesn't coat well enough - you have to use the 1.5 nozzle (largest in my kit) to even get it to spray (like directions suggest, I didn't thin it). The coat was thin in places and thick in others - perhaps due to my inept airbrush technique - and even after trying to fill-in during 1st coat, it needed more later. When done, I let hang for a few days to cure and out gas.

Tried polishing by hand (directions say polish before installation - what a pain/substandard look, and AGAIN after final cure). No matter how hard I tried, EVERYTHING that comes into contact before installation - results in scratches, chipping, and marring. I gave up on hand polishing and bought some small conical cotton buffing pads for my drill and tried them. Ugh - no shine at all. The ugly "grey primer look" changed to a smooth grey primer look, except with even more blotches where the back of my battery drill touched a tube.

Yesterday, I took it all off in sheets with my knife, and then sanded with 240, re-PRE'pped, and shot with two cans of VHT hot paint. DONE!