Eastwood's  Plasma Cutting Guide

Eastwood's Plasma Cutting Guide

Product Review (submitted on October 14, 2012):

The plasma cutting guide doesn't allow the tip of the plasma cutter to come close enough to the metal to start the cut. My Eastwook plasma cutter does not start a cut unless the tip of the cutter actually touches the metal to be cut. Then, the cutter works OK. The wheels on the cutting guide do not allow the cutter to start the cut. All that happens is the metal gets slightly discolored from the plasma cutter "arc".. I have emailed AND called Eastwood about this problem, but I have not received any replies. Did someone say that Eastwood customer service was good? Not for me!!
BTW, even handheld, the cutter tip needs to touch the metal to start the cut (much like "striking and arc" with a stick welder). I guess I am done with Eastwood. You really do get what you pay for.