Eastwood Contour Polyester Primer Surfacer Gal

Eastwood Contour Polyester Primer Surfacer Gal

Product Review (submitted on December 7, 2012):

For the last 20+ years I've used Featherfill on my high end builds that need laser straight pannels. I decided to give eastwoods version a try due to its sale price. Overall I'm very happy with the product. Its been my experience with all of these firberglass resin high build primers no matter the brand its prudent to be patient and let the product cure over night before blocking. I like to play it safe. I've had shrink back issues due to haste on some past projects.

As far as mixing, the stuff needs to be shaken thoroughly. It does settle! and stirring alone will not abolish the lumps.

As far as adding the catylist, the mixing by weight instructions were too complicated and I can see it might be intimidating to new users. I like to use the KISS theory. My Kit incuded one gallon of primer and two bottles of catalyst. Peel back the warning lable on the cat. and eyeball or measure with a ruler half of it contents and draw a line on the bottle at the half way mark. Using a mixing cup pour a quart of primer into the container and one half of one bottle of catalyst. By doing it this way everything is divided equally as it came from the manufacture with out waste. I would also suggest that you only mix one quart at a time due to pot life parameters. If you mix too much at once It may start to harden before you get to use it all. Especially if the weather is warm. I KNOW!!!

Be sure you use a large tip on your primer gun and apply as needed.

As stated prior I like to come back the next day before I block. Sands Great but so have all the other priducts I've used. At any rate I'm very happy overall especially at the sale price.

Keep in mind that this stuff as good as it is dosen't negate the need for good body work before hand.