MIG Stud Welding Kit

    MIG Stud Welding Kit

    Product Review (submitted on December 9, 2012):

    Only having a little bit of work I couldn't do with the hammer and dolly I figured this kit would be a good option over the more expensive regular stud welding kits.

    The nozzle works well and fits on most standard Miller/Hobart guns. It was easy and quick to set up and works well. If you get a spare nozzle you can leave the adapter attached and set up and just swap nozzles in seconds.

    The problem is the included slide hammer. It uses a knurled wheel to grab the pins. While it can both be reversed and a spare is included it just doesn't hold up. It quickly either becomes clogged with metal or worn smooth and then is essentially useless on the pins. In fact it's so bad I didn't even get through the first job I tried to use it on.

    I like the nozzle but they either need to include a better pin adapter for the slide hammer or just sell the adapter and make you buy a better puller separately.