TIG200 and Versa Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Kit

    TIG200 and Versa Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Kit

    Product Review (submitted on December 13, 2012):

    I bought this combo about 1 year ago under the same sale price. It's a great kit for a novice to learn and get immersed in DC and AC welding. The TIG200 welder has worked flawlessly. Have not had any issues with it. The torch should be a WP26 to handle the full 200A, but the WP17 style torch is ok---it just gets too hot to hold if you plan to weld at 200A for long periods of time. Which brings up the topic of duty cycle. I was practicing welding on an old aluminum cylinder head with the full 200A for minutes at a time, for as long as I could hold the torch. I could never get the machine to trip the overload. This was on 220V---you would would have to set the torch down because it will start smoking before you can bring the machine down to it's knees. Quite impressed. BTW, don't waste your money on green (pure) tungstens for aluminum welding--this machine works best with 2% Lanthanated tungstens for both DC and AC welding.

    The plasma cutter is a good value for DIY projects. Nice cuts up to about 3/8" with the standard drag tip. With pipe tips you can do 1/2" steel, albeit at a slow rate, but that little bugger has the power (on 220V) so long as you can keep up the airflow with your air compressor. I suggest at least a 20gal compressor that pumps up to 140psi or greater. You need to use a good air filter/moisture remover! I use a total of 3 moisture traps. Two external, and the one that is inside the machine. I've never had to empty the internal one via the little plug at the bottom----and that is how it should be---all moisture should be caught before the machine, it will reward you with nice cuts. Oh and the moisture traps don't need to be super-mega-industrial duty. A couple of eBay $5 or $10 inline moisture traps that have the little filter inside work great. Don't get the cheapie inline moisture traps that have desiccant inside---they plug up and restrict airflow. Get the ones with the filter and spring-loaded plug on the bottom- they work great and it's super easy to drain them.

    The plasma cutter just recently gave out for no reason. Just didn't start one day. A quick call to Eastwood, and they had it picked up in a few days and are sending me a brand new one! They even picked up the shipping back to them! The customer service is definitely there!

    Attached is a picture of some long tube headers that I customized with the help of this equipment.