Eastwood 50-lb. Pressure Abrasive Blaster

Eastwood 50-lb. Pressure Abrasive Blaster

Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2012):

Generally, if you do this once in a while and can pay for it - let the pros do it!

My Experience as a Novice:
I could not get a professional to media blast the underbody of my old car with the gas tank still installed so I did it myself.

Set the air supply valve and the throttling valve full open when using. Use the air supply to isolate the unit, i.e. turn off and on the air to the compressor.

Adjust the abrasive control valve at the bottom of the pot to provide a fine stream of media with lots of air volume/pressure. Don't need that valve opened much.

I reused the media at least 3 times! Scooped it up and put it through a strainer.

Don't use the "trigger" on the gun to control (modulate) the abrasive stream - this wears the dead man block seal very quickly. Just full open and full close the trigger.

I used the .138 ( 3mm) nozzles for work in tight places - the seams, wheel wells, mounting brackets etc. I think you can use this one most of the time. Use the 5mm nozzle for wide flat areas where you can move quickly.

Rent a big diesel one. $100 for 8 hours. Rent one extra 50 ft hose. Pick it up on Saturday morning, return Monday. Requires about 20 l of fuel.

60 grit recycled glass for rust, paint and undercoat removal.

Other items
I need a new blast hose - get 15ft. The hose will abrade away at the bend right at the connection to the pot (happens every 4 bags). Keep extra band clamps available for this connection. Keep cutting away 4" of hose (as it abrades) and reconnect. Note that when the hose blows out, media gets everywhere very quickly. It's a good idea to have an extra person managing the pot while you work the blast nozzle.

Will need a new nozzle every 4 ( 50 lb bags) or so. The dead man stop block at the end of the gun wears out every 4 to 6 bags.

Health Protection
The deluxe sandblasting hood has too small a field of view and the plastic sight glass gets etched very quickly (result - you can't see!). I got a vinyl hood with a large flexible view area. It came with thin plastic sheets (8x11) that I cut to cover the thicker face shield. When the thin film got etched I cut a new one and replaced.

Ear protection, sandblasting gloves and respirator are a must.

I bought this unit because I had no other choice. However, if you setup properly it works very well.