Evercoat® Slick Sand Gallon

Evercoat® Slick Sand Gallon

Product Review (submitted on December 30, 2012):

As previously mentioned, the solids settle out quickly. I used a stick, had to stir it about an hour to get all the solids back into suspension. Mixing is easy- the tubes of MEK have markings, making it easy to get the right amount into the primer without overdoing it. I used a Harbor Freight HVLP gun with a 1.8mm tip. You MUST reduce at least 10% with Acetone, or it'll clog your paint strainer and the gun. Got 2.5 quarts on the car, before it was impossible to shoot- the gun had clogged, and I didn't have any acetone to thin it.

The car I shot this with has had heavy bodywork done- lots of uneven areas, waves, etc. Two heavy coats over the extensive work, 1 coat over the panels that looked "ok." The worst parts of the car look pretty straight now, after sanding with 220-grit. This stuff is fantastic for filling, and evening out gentle waves that are hard to tackle with normal filler.

Since my paint will need to go over 400-grit (or finer) sanded panels, I'll be hitting the entire car with another 2-3 quarts, thinned out with acetone, to give a nice smooth finish, and avoid the scratches that might show under the color.

Bottom line: IF you have it mixed thoroughly, and then thin so it'll spray smoothly, you'll be VERY happy with the results. Just don't assume you can shoot it without the thinning, or your gun will be full of jelly halfway through your shoot. GOOD STUFF!