Eastwood Pro Glass Polishing Kit

Eastwood Pro Glass Polishing Kit

Product Review (submitted on January 7, 2013):

It seems like this product was intended for windshields.

However, I used this product on Ford Carlite tempered side glass on my Shelby Mustang's passenger door.

There were numerous scratches present from the dealer. Though they could not be felt with my fingernail, they were long and numerous, looked bad, and very visible when low sun came in through the window.

The batteries in my drill are poor, so I used the felt pad provided on my dual action Mequiars car polisher on the lowest speed setting.

I made sure to keep the product on the felt pad moist with a spray bottle of water on hand.

Tempered glass is apparently harder than windshield glass so it took quite a bit of time.

The scratches are gone, no distortion.

Great product.