POR-15 Black Rust Paint Quart

POR-15 Black Rust Paint Quart

Product Review (submitted on February 14, 2013):

Been using POR15 for over 10 years now on various projects. The first project looks as good today, as when I first applied it (exterior of a fuel tank).

PREP and application is key! Also, this is NOT a paint, it is a paint like product. It does NOT dry by evaporation like paint does. it cures with moisture. It may take over a day to dry in arid conditions, or pretty quickly in a humid environment.

IF you use their marine clean, and metal etch, clean properly, the results will be great, and permanent.

The only failures I have had when I DID NOT prepare the area properly. My fault.

As mentioned, it is NOT a topcoat, it is a PAINT OVER RUST product. great for undercarriage, inner body panels, even fills holes!