Buyers Club - FREE Shipping for 1 year

Buyers Club - FREE Shipping for 1 year

Product Review (submitted on February 14, 2013):

I phoned in to see if the proper procedure was to order this on your first order with stuff you need. Yes, they said and I did.

From that point on my order was messed up.

When I phoned in when it did not ship after 2 days, they said they could only see that I bought this Buyers Club, all my items were gone. More calls, more confusion. When something did ship... yup, only the Buyer's Club shipped. More calls, and finally they got the items to ship, many days after ordering.

Do not buy this online, phone in and buy it. Then on your first order, do not wait to complain if it fails to ship, call right away. Keep notes.

No one ever called me back to explain what had happened, so I expect it happens regularly.