Headlight Refinishing & Restoration Kit

Headlight Refinishing & Restoration Kit

Product Review (submitted on January 25, 2010):

I bought this kit to use on my wife's car. It made a difference with no other prep, but the headlight plastic was still crazed. I ended up using wet/dry sandpaper (for autobody work) on a sanding block to really get the surface smooth. In my case, I had to wet-sand the lights starting with 400 grit, then 600, then 800, then 1000, then 1500, then finally 2000 grit paper.

(You might not need to go as coarse as I did. To determine the proper grit, I actually started in reverse, working from the finest grit down to the coarsest grit necessary to remove the crazed plastic. 400 grit is where I stopped, as the headlights were uniform in their appearance after sanding with 400 grit. Once at this point, I then worked back up the grits to the 2000-grit paper.)

At this point the headlight was smooth and relatively clear, with just a slightly cloudy appearance.

Once I'd wet-sanded all the way up to 2000 grit, the Autosol polish with the bonnet provided in the kit then worked great and got the headlights perfectly clear. It's important to use water with the paper to keep it from loading up. It's also important to not skip any grits as you work from coarsest to finest paper; otherwise you'll have scratches visible when you get done, and will have to start over to get rid of them.