Eastwood 50-lb. Pressure Abrasive Blaster

Eastwood 50-lb. Pressure Abrasive Blaster

Product Review (submitted on July 3, 2009):

I've been using the Eastwood 50lb pressure blaster for a few months now. It is an enormous step up from a siphon blaster! I've been using it to cut through some heavy rust on old car parts, and my only regret is that I spent so much time tryijng to use a siphon unit before finally investing in one of these--this thing is fast.

One drawback, which could be true of lots of different blasters, is that it seems to eat its consumable parts pretty quickly. I ran through about 500 pounds of aluminum oxide before I had to replace the nozzle pieces.

Also, now it's sputtering and I can't figure out why. I sent Eastwood two e-mails and left one voice mail asking for help with this, but never heard back. I'm not sure what parts I should replace next to try to address the sputtering; it's probably a wear problem around the valve assembly right under the tank, but I'm not sure. I've already checked to make sure there's no oil or water in the air.

Overall this product seems like a great deal! I'll probably resolve the sputtering problem somehow.

One thing to consider is that you might want to go with one with a larger tank on it. This thing really shoots out the sand and the 50lb tank empties pretty quickly.