Eastwood 100-lb. Soda Blaster

    Eastwood 100-lb. Soda Blaster

    Product Review (submitted on July 10, 2009):

    Note: this review is based on minimal use, but enough to form an opinion of the item.

    Overall, this is a very good unit. It is well made (good welding joints, hoses are good), felt solid and was easy to assemble. I used Eastwood's media filter funnel for my sand media (I know, sand is frowned upon, but oh well) and that helped the unit function even better. The unit only clogged once and that happened in the nozzle portion of the unit which was an easy fix. Once I understood how to get the media flowing properly, the unit became easy to use and worked very well. I had this connected to a 26 gal (but well powered) compressor. While I had to work the compressor pretty hard to keep the PSI up, I was able to sand blast my suspension parts quite easily.

    The one thing I will suggest to other potential buyers is that they replace all the clamps on this unit with better quality hardware. The hose clamps are not very good and can lead to potential injury if the nozzle separates from the hose (which it did with me). That is really the only thing I would improve upon as far as construction goes.

    I would have given this unit 4 stars on the price but I got it at a slight discount since Eastwood was running a sale. I feel comfortable giving this unit 5 stars across the board.