MIG Stud Welding Kit

MIG Stud Welding Kit

Product Review (submitted on February 22, 2013):

The nozzle worked ok, unless it was a sharper dent, then the wire doesn't hit where it is supposed to. The dent puller did not grab the pins after I used it on 8 pins. Do yourself a favor and do not purchase this tool.

Eastwood Comments:

To assure secure pin retention and avoid premature wear of the cam wheel, follow the below procedure. This process will eliminate the issue mentioned in the customer reviews, prolong cam wheel life and assure pin retention to easily pull dents.
· Insert slide hammer cam wheel over pin to be pulled.
· Insert as much of the pin into the slide hammer cam wheel as possible.
· Grasp cam wheel with either left or right thumb and pull back while applying tension on the slide hammer with the other hand.
· Hold thumb on cam wheel while activating slide hammer weight to slowly pull dent.

Note: It is best to weld multiple pins around the outside perimeter of the dent in a spiral pattern toward the center of the dent ( see instructions for details). Slowly pull on each pin multiple times and remove dent in an even fashion. With the above procedure on securing the cam wheel to the pins you will avoid premature wear to the cam wheel.