Gas Tank Sealer Kit For Cars

Gas Tank Sealer Kit For Cars

Product Review (submitted on January 26, 2010):

Car: 1973 Triumph Spitfire 1500.

I used this product to save my OEM gas tank after I welded some rust holes. Its easy to use and my only concerns were what to do with all the chemical/water rinses and what works best to seal the tank when sloshing. My tank is small, but I used the full kit as recommended. I found that nitrile gloves, zip ties and duct tape work well enough to seal the tank. You need acetone and a small amount of muriatic acid (I got it in the pool section of the local big-box home center), which boosts the cost slightly. I reserved a day to do the process but it did not take that long. They recommend using slow air pressure to evacuate the tank after you are done, I found that a small fan directed into the sender hole and out the fill hole worked great. I ran the fan for two days until all "odors" were gone. All-in-all it worked great. Make sure you do this before you paint the tank.

Positives: Step-by-step process is well defined. Quality of final coating is great and smooth.

Cons: nasty chemicals to play with, had to repeat acid slosh step three times to get the rust gone, maybe a stronger acid ratio should be recommended.

Picture: Attached picture is post curing. note some acid and sealer marks on sender opening.