Eastwood Hi-Temp Internal Exhaust Coating w/extension  tube

Eastwood Hi-Temp Internal Exhaust Coating w/extension tube

Product Review (submitted on March 13, 2013):

I bought this stuff to coat the inside of my headers because this seemed like a cool idea and, well, nobody else has anything like this.

The paint looks to be very high quality paint, I warmed the spray can but was spraying room temperature metal in a 50 degree garage and it looked to go on very evenly.

HOWEVER...a word of warning to all using this. The way the spray nozzle extension on this thing is set up, it sprays out a very large amount of paint. It's also difficult to tell what you're doing since you can't see. And, if you hang the header up to paint it like I did...make sure you have nothing of value directly under the header, and preferably you want a box or garbage can with a plastic bag in it and some paper towels or newspaper.

I say this because it takes some time to get the hang of using this paint- when I initially painted my header tubes from the top (flange), I went way too heavy on the paint and it was running out of the collector like a faucet. I feel like I wasted a lot of paint like that, and I figured one can would easily do both headers with paint left over, but I feel like I wasted half a can on that first header. It would be nice to see a spray extension that would perhaps do a wider/finer pattern? This one spits out a ton of paint which makes it tough when you're painting blind.

Overall though, neat idea, and again, nobody else has something like this- hopefully it'll help on my headers!