Eastwood After Blast - Metal Prep

Eastwood After Blast - Metal Prep

Product Review (submitted on March 19, 2013):

Its difficult to evaluate a product that is not well understood. Phosphoric acid is normally neutralized following application by rinsing with water and then air drying.

The directions say to spray on, let sit for a spell and then wipe off. Repeat until metal is clean.

The problem is that these directions are of little use as the procedure does not provide visible results that give one confidence all is working properly. Multiple sprays and wipes lead to streaking. One application and wipe leave a nice gray finish. Another application leaves a white streaking residue.

The lack of neutralization with water makes one wonder if acid residue is being left behind that will affect the primer and paint that is to follow.

A better, more detailed, description is in order. Unfortunately, Eastwood does not have the tech support it advertises. You can't get anyone on the phone, the do not call back when you leave a message. I'm beginning to believe Eastwood has lost their way.