Radiator Black 12 oz Satin Finish

Radiator Black 12 oz Satin Finish

Product Review (submitted on March 26, 2013):

The thing clogged up like no tomorrow even if you followed their instruction at the back. It seems like it is out of compressed air and it just sputtered the whole time.

Now my radiator is unfinished, i wonder where can i get another satin black paint to match this.

I really think i should get a refund or a replacement. Even that, it will waste me so much time to finish the car. If i put my radiator and everything and the bumper back, then once the paint arrives (which is time again), i will have to take everything out and finish the radiator.

Think twice getting this Radiator Black Satin Finish. This is really my worst experience so far. Very frustrating for sure.