1/2 hp 8" Combination Bench Grinder & Belt Sander

1/2 hp 8" Combination Bench Grinder & Belt Sander

Product Review (submitted on March 29, 2013):

Hey everyone,

Overall, at this point, I'm satisfied with this grinder. It's getting me started in something I'm becoming very passionate about- Knifemaking. I didn't have to brake the bank to get started. Clearly though, this grinder is just an entry point for knifemaking. For anything else, the buck might be able to stop here. As to the specifics...

Pluses-- It is pretty much all sturdy metal. The only plastic is the shield and the air intake for sucking particles. There are several small touches that show some attention to detail-- the grinder has rubber feet to cut down on vibration, the tool rests both install parallel to the grinder wheel/belt, the plastic that the air intake is made from seems to be of durable quality.

Minuses- Eastwood should be honest in it's listing for this tool as not being ideal for knifemaking. It gets too hot too quickly because of it's shear size. The belt size is not ideal and replacements aren't common, but can be had for a bit of a premium over packs of 10 for other longer belt sizes. The Dipping tray is worthless. It's too shallow and oddly shaped to be worth using over a cup of water next to your bench. BIGGEST COMPLAINT- the belt sander's tracking adjustment knob doesn't stay in one place. It vibrates loose unless you fix it in place somehow using a rubber band or locktite. Check out my small video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSxu8-Bat6I&feature=youtu.be

***Eastwood Tech Note:***
We have corrected the issue with the belt tracking adjuster to address the issues you have seen. Thank you for pointing it out!