Original Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun

Original Hotcoat Powder Coating Gun

Product Review (submitted on January 26, 2010):

This gun is unbelievable! From the very start, I had incredibly good results powder coating some of my motorcycle parts. I had no experience and no training, but I read the manual, followed the instructions carefully, and the parts came out beautiful! I've done a bunch of my own parts as well as quite a few for friends. They are thrilled with how nice everything came out. Last year I paid a powder coating company a good deal of money to coat parts for me. This gun has already paid for itself several times.

The key to having good results is thorough preparation. Make sure that you have blasted off all paint and rust before you clean everything thoroughly. I use Eastwood's metal wash and outgas my parts in the oven before I coat them.

I've attached a couple pictures of my work.

Go for it and have fun!