Eastwood's 2K AeroSpray™   Ceramic Chassis Black Gloss

Eastwood's 2K AeroSpray™ Ceramic Chassis Black Gloss

Product Review (submitted on April 10, 2013):

well i dont like to give bad reviews, and maybe this was an application mistake on my part. but i didnt have very good results with this product. i used it with the 2k primer on a go kart frame and misc. go kart parts. i followed the directions on the back of the can and when i first started applying the chassis black, it seemed very thin, almost as if i had not mixed it well enough. so i stoped and shook the can for a few more minutes, but that didn't help. i also noticed that the spray wasnt very fine on the surface, more of droplets. it also seemed like everywhere there was a sharp edge, the paint didnt cover. i had purchased 2 cans of the chassis black, so i figured i would just have to do a few coats. but i ran out of paint before i got everything to cover. i have used the spraymax 2k products in the past on these small projects with very good results,so when i saw that eastwood had a similar product, i was excited to try it. but now im a little bummed out because i spent about 130 dollars on 2 cans of 2k primer, 2k chassis black and 2k clear. and when i took my parts to the powder coater, they only charger me 175. oh well. lesson learned.