Eastwood Rat Rod Satin Black Paint

    Eastwood Rat Rod Satin Black Paint

    Product Review (submitted on April 11, 2013):

    Gave it 5 stars on price and value because chances you will find satin urethane and hardener in a kit for this low of a price is slim to none. Value, it performs as good as the best in the price range

    Quality I would say is good for the price. Needs to be thinned quite a bit, regular old urethane reducer worked for me. I had some laying around. With just the activator/hardener and paint its extremely thick @ at 68ยบ ambient temp.

    When mixed up 4:1:1 with reducer it sprayed well out of a 1.4 tip but could have used a bit more flow. Don't know if it was the paints fault or maybe it could have been reduced slightly more.

    Coverage was great, super black, covered extremely well in just two coats. I finished with three coats.

    As most single stage paints this self leveled quite well, leaving a super smooth finish with almost no orange peal once dry.

    Took a few hours to go from high gloss to reach full satin.

    Overall I give this product an A-

    Would like alittle better flow.
    Advertise/suggest using a reducer

    Great product! Price is unbeatable.