Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Chevrolet Gray Quartt.1929-52

Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Chevrolet Gray Quartt.1929-52

Product Review (submitted on February 22, 2010):

I have used this and the chevy orange new 650 deg ceramic engine paint from eastwood with good results.

With proper cleanin/prep of motor i used a foam brush following coat time instructions and it came out great,no brush marks.

I had to do 2 coats over an existing well adheaered paint that would not come off with wire brush etc and 3 coats over bare block where paint would come off for full coverage .

I also mixed the paint every 2 mins or so to keep pigment evenly dist in paint for best appearance.

Looks great with nice gloss to it and is prety durale too,accidentially smaked it with a wrench a couple times reassemble assosoried on motor and it didnt chip like spray cam paint does.

But again,you much 1st remove with screwdrivers/scraper/wire brush etc if motor is still in car all looes/old paint & rust and then clean the complete motor/area to be painted with a solvet/or eastwood pre jus prior to laying down 1st coat. You also need to ensure the air temp 7&metal/block/motor are all up to decent /proper temps for painting as per inst on can too for good out come.